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Fast Facts

Provost Prof. Ben Kwaku Branoh Banful
Total staff strength: 265
Senior Members: 113
Senior staff : 76
Junior staff : 7
Current student population: 4,000
Programme Module(s): Taught (T) or Research (R)
Degree Titles Awarded:

BSc Natural Resources Management, BSc Aquaculture and Water Resources Management, BSc Agriculture, BSc Agribusiness, BSc Agricultural Biotechnology, BSc Science Diary and Meat Science and Technology, BSc Post Harvest Technology,BSc Landscape Design and Management, BSc Forest Resources Technology

M.Sc/MPhil/PhD:Animal Breeding and Genetics; Reproductive Physiology; Animal Nutrition and Meat Science. Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension, Sustainable and Integrated Rural Development, Postharvest Technology; Vegetable Crops Production; Seed Science and Technology; Landscape Studies and Postharvest Physiology. Agronomy; Agronomy (Plant Breeding); Agronomy (Crop Physiology); Agronomy (Forage Production Management); Agronomy (Weed Science); Crop Protection (Entomology); Crop Protection (Plant Pathology) Crop Protection (Nematology); Crop Protection (Plant Virology); Nematology; Entomology; Plant Virology; Plant Pathology; Crop Physiology; Soil Science; Forage Production Management; Soil Management & Conservation; Soil Fertility/Plant Nutrition.

Aquaculture, Fisheries and Watershed Management, Aquaculture and Environment, Fisheries Management, Aquatic Resources Management,Wildlife and Range Management,GISNATUREM (Natural Resources Management),Silviculture and Forest Management,Natural Resource & Environmental Governance,,Agroforestry,Wood Technology and Management,Wood Science, or Wood Technology,Wood Technology, Timber Engineering, or Furniture Design