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Centre for Remote Sensing and Spatial Technology(CReST)


CReST is Established under the Faculty of Renewable Natural resources to provide an environment for the transfer of GIS and Remote Sensing technologies and skills to state agencies, and private or non-governmental organizations through education, outreach and practical training programs.  This is in recognition of the need to institutionalise training activities for natural resource managers to improve their technological competence in resources management. This will not only lead to an improvement in sustainable management of natural resources, but also will narrow the gap towards complying with rules and regulations of the United Nations and European Union Conventions and protocols and other International Regulations on Natural Resources Management and Conservation.


In line with the Vision of KNUST, the vision of CReST is to  be recognised globally as the centre of excellence in Ghana and Africa in the transfer of geo-spatial technologies to natural resource managers to support the sustainable management of natural resources.


  • Provide research and technical support to public and private natural resource management organisations and other related organisations.

  • Provide education and technical training to public and private actors in the use of satellite remote sensing and GIS tool for sustainable management of natural resources.
  • Provides an environment where faculty, staff and students work together to advance knowledge in the application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Natural Resource Management.
  • Create and manage a spatial data repository (Spatial Data Bank of Ghana) for natural resources and environmental monitoring where institutions can access data.
  • To identify trends and technological advancements in natural resource management and translate these into training courses and the introduction of new short programmes consultation with stakeholders and actors of the discipline.
  • Integrate state-of-the-art remote sensing, geographic information system, and global positioning (GPS) technologies with on-the-ground knowledge of natural resource management to address relevant environmental issues.
  • Establishing a state of the art research and training facility on KNUST campus that is specialised in training in Data collection, Satellite Image analysis and interpretation and spatial technologies and natural resources and monitoring.


CReST also provides consultancy services focusing on

  • Spatial Data Collection/GPS Mapping
  • Satellite Image Acquisition, Processing and Analysis
  • Mapping from Satellite Images (Urban mapping)
  • Land use Landcover Mapping, Analysis and updates


George Ashiagbor

Department of Wildlife and Range management


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