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CANaRSA Recognized as The Outstanding College for the 2021/22 Academic Year.

Carnasa Awards

On Sunday, 25th August 2022 the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Students’ Association through its President, H.E Evans Appiah was awarded the Outstanding College of the Year at the last 13th SRC Parliamentary Sitting.

This recognition came as a result of the exceptional work that has been done by the H.E Evans Appiah and Executives of CANaRSA’s 5th Administration.

Carnasa Award

Paramount among the achievements of CANaRSA’s 5th Administration are as follows:

  • Successful celebrating CANaRSAs 5th year anniversary, which was under theme, Retrospecting Achievements and Developing Strategies for Sustainable Growth Within CANaRSA.
  • Reviewing and amending the CANaRSA constitution and all constitutions in the college.
  • Building a better college structure by creating Faculty and Departmental Students’ Associations for all faculties and departments in the college without associations.
  • Building a Study/Seating Area that can accommodate 90+ Students at a go, this is adjacent the New College Building where most classes in the college are held.
  • Setting up a College Bursary to support students on campus by the college provost, this was through the advocacy of CANaRSa Administration led by H.E EVans Appiah and Amongst other.


Also, H.E Evans Appiah was recognized as the Best College President of the Year for leading such great change in College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.