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4th Workshop on University Policies on Gender Equality and Equity Policy

Dr. (Mrs.) Mercy Badu KNUST


The Champion of the Gender Equality and Equity Policy, Professor Yaw Adu-Sarkodie had their turn on the series of workshops on university policies on Wednesday,26th May,2021 to sensitized Senior Members of the College on the Gender Equality and Equity in University Administration.

The University Gender Policy Seminar introduced college members to issues concerning gender equality and equality, as well as other emerging issues pertaining to gender accessibility to promotion, staff training, and development at all levels of the university.

The College Registrar, Mrs. Juliana S. Andoh, Registrar in introducing the Speaker, Dr. (Mrs.) Mercy Badu, stated that gender responsiveness is essential for institutional development.

Dr. (Mrs.) Mercy Badu,

Dr. (Mrs.) Badu revealed in her presentation that the University gender policy documents are specifically designed to ensure that all research, training, teaching, and all other activities in the university were gender responsive.

She further added that the abovementioned policy was also intended to eliminate all forms of discrimination against both women and men in the discharge of their duties in the university.  She concluded that the said policy ultimately seek to provide a level plain ground for all staff of the university and thus promote equity.

Dr. (Mrs.) Mercy Badu,

She underscored that the Policy would be reviewed every four years to account for emerging gender-related issues in university administration to ensure its full integration. She finally encouraged the participants, especially Heads of departments and Deans to be guided by the Gender Policy in their decisions. 

Gender Equity Workshop

Similarly, she highlighted the conditions of the policy as well as the punity measures of their violation and encouraged the   participants to ensure strict adherence of same.  

The full policy can be found on the website below: