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Postgraduate Study

The Faculty, through its departments, runs the following Graduate degree programmes:


Department of Animal Science

  • MSc/MPhil Programmes: Animal Breeding and Genetics; Reproductive Physiology; Animal Nutrition and Meat Science.
  • PhD Programmes: Animal Nutrition; Reproductive Physiology; Animal Breeding and Genetics.

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

  • MPhil Programmes: Agronomy; Agronomy (Plant Breeding); Agronomy (Crop Physiology);  Agronomy (Forage Production Management); Agronomy (Weed Science)
  • MPhil Programmes: Crop Protection (Entomology); Crop Protection (Plant Pathology) Crop Protection (Nematology); Crop Protection (Plant Virology); Soil Science.
  • PhD Programmes: Agronomy: Plant Breeding; Nematology; Entomology; Plant Virology; Plant Pathology; Crop Physiology; Soil Science; Forage Production Management; Soil Management & Conservation; Soil Fertility/Plant Nutrition.

Department of Horticulture

  • The Department offers M.Phil, programme in the Following fields: Postharvest Physiology; Floriculture; Fruit Crop Production; Postharvest Technology; Seed Science and Technology; Vegetable Crops Production; Landscape Studies and Breeding of Horticultural Crops.
  • PhD Programmes: Postharvest Technology; Vegetable Crops Production; Seed Science and Technology; Landscape Studies and Postharvest Physiology. 

Department of Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and Extension

  • PhD/ M.Phil - Agricultural Economics
  • Ph.D - Agricultural Extension
  • MPhil in Sustainable and Integrated Rural Development



Department of Wildlife and Range Management

  • M.Phil/Ph.D - Wildlife and Range Management
  • M.Sc - GISNATUREM (Natural Resources Management)

Department of Silviculture and Forest Management

  • M.Phil - Silviculture and Forest Management. 
  • M.Phil - Natural Resource & Environmental Governance
  • Ph.D - Silviculture and Forest Management.
  • M.Phil - Natural Resource & Environmental Governance 

Department of Agroforestry

  • M.Sc/M.Phil/Ph.D – Agroforestry

Department of Wood Science and Technology Management

  • M.Sc - Wood Technology and Management
  • M.Phil - Wood Science, or Wood Technology
  • Ph.D - Wood Technology, Timber Engineering, or Furniture Design

Department of Fisheries and Watershed Management

  • M.Phil/PhD - Aquaculture
  • M.Phil/PhD - Watershed and Fisheries Management
  • M.Phil/PhD - Aquatic Resources Management
  • PhD - Fisheries Management
  • PhD - Aquaculture Management
  • PhD - Aquaculture & Environment 
  • In addition, the Faculty runs a separate postgraduate programme, GIS (Naturium), under the auspices of ITC Netherlands.